You might be playing with a thought about starting your own home wood workshop but you are not so sure. Here are some reasons to start now.

1 It cures everyday stress and anxiety
When I first started with woodworking I only took easy jobs that didn`t acquire much brain work. The reason was simple – I was so tired of my day job which included lots of thinking so I just enjoyed the possibility not to think. Later, when my skill improved, I started to make more demanding tasks. There is something very therapeutical about woodworking – the feeling and the smell of wood and rather simple movements allow your brain to relax. So you forget the stress and concentrate on important – yourself and your woodworking project.

2 You will gain more independence
When I was a single mother I literally depended on the time and kindness of my male friends and relatives. Although I was lucky to have people in my life who were ready to help me with home works, I always felt so dependent on them.
When I first tried to use a drill I felt such a relief – it is actually much easier than I expected. I still remember it, I installed the shelves on the wall and quite honestly I felt myself a little bit foolish. It was so simple! And so much quicker than asking a friend or calling a handyman who charges three times more than I could afford (screw you, wage gap!).

3 Your home looks gorgeous
Do you have a Pinterest board with all the home deco ideas you wish to have at your home but you can`t afford to make them to reality. Well guess what, you can afford it, when you make them yourself. You will be surprised when you discover how many projects you can make on relatively low budget. You will never have to stress when something needs to be repaired – you will make it yourself. It feels so good to have a home of your dreams.

4 Earn some extra income
You have the home of your dreams and you have terminated the number of your handy man? I will not promise you a new exciting career opportunity or a money tree but the chances are pretty high that somebody needs your services. You might not be able (yet!) to build a complicated drawer or wardrobe system, but you will be able to install the shelves, repair the broken door or some other easier task. That will give you an opportunity to earn extra income. To buy some new tools or this dress you have been eyeing for months.

5 Boost your creativity
It is not possible to work without using your creativity. When you use your creativity, you get used to using it. Creativity is most important tool for solving everyday problems.