Hannes has been into woodworking his whole life. He loves to invent new techniques and find surprisingly simple solutions for difficult problems.  

Anna-Liisa has attended with the help of Enterprise Estonia a design thinking mentoring program. She is a marketing specialist who is working on becoming a woodworking expert.

Together they share a woodworking studio TOOLS TOGETHER where they design and build 3D puzzle furniture.

They believe that high quality wood furniture should be available for more people than it is now.

Studies show that people tend to move more and are highly valuing sustainability and furniture with a story.

Mass producers can offer them affordable furniture but rather with a low quality and originality that customers are craving for. Little wood companies can offer a story and high customization but they cannot compete with the price of the mass producers.

There is a gap we want to fill. We want to offer the customer originality with the price they can afford. For being able to do it we combine ancient Japanese woodworking techniques and modern technology and the possibilities of e-commerce. This and also giving the customer the opportunity to be a part of the building process will allow us to do it.

3D puzzle furniture is high quality solid wood furniture which can be ordered online. Customer can put it together without using any tools. It is easy and intuitive. The aesthetics is timelessly minimalist, being inspired by our Nordic heritage and interest for Japanese culture. The furniture is also sustainable – the furniture will last for the decades and we are not using any glue or screws by the construction. Thanks to this the furniture is more durable.    

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