Hannes has been into woodworking his whole life. He got his carpentry diploma at Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus and gained his work experience as a master at a woodworking company producing windows and doors. He loves to invent new techniques and find surprisingly simple solutions for difficult problems. He also enjoins filming and editing, you can see his videos here. He helps advanced hobby woodworkers and furniture designers to level up their skill. Follow his projects here.

Anna-Liisa used to be a journalist, working by Estonian Daily Newspaper and later by various women magazines, among others by Cosmopolitan Estonia. She also has attended with the help of Enterprise Estonia an one-year design thinking mentoring program. When she is not at the wood workshop, she enjoys writing about things that matter to her. You can read her blog here.

Together they share a woodworking studio TOOLS TOGETHER. They are going to open a creative space for women in Berlin where women can gain some basic woodworking skills. Read why all women should learn some woodworking here. Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be noticed about the studio opening party.

For funding this goal they design 3D puzzle furniture. This is like puzzle, inspired by Japanese woodworking techniques and Scandinavian aesthetics. Soon you will be able ordering solid wood quality furniture online, get it by mail and put it together like a puzzle. If you take a proper care of it, it will serve you for many years. In case a puzzle piece needs to be replaced, you can order it easily online. Good is that you don`t have to have special tools or skills to make more sustainable furniture choices.

You can send your products for a product review:
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Please specify if you want Anna-Liisa or Hannes to make the product test. In case it is for some reason not possible them to recommend it, it will be sent back to you. Don`t worry, nobody will know about that.

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