The ultimate tool list for all the woodworking ladies.

First I want to get one thing clear – you don`t have to be rich to start woodworking.

Take your workshop as an investment and develop a strategy for getting all the things you need. Sure it would be nice to have everything immediately but you can also take this list as a dream team for your household. Remember, machines make your life so much easier but every work can be made by hand.  With that being said, let`s start to put together your dream wood workshop for beginners.

1 The circular saw
The circular saw is one of the most useful woodworking tools. With that saw you can do almost everything, from ripping plywood or MDF to crosscutting lumber.

2 The Drill
My first tool I ever used and also my favourite. You are going to use a drill on almost every single project, so I'd recommend to buy it rather sooner than later.

3 The Jigsaw
This is the tool that allows you to cut the lines that are not straight. Make sure you will use a good quality blade that is designed to cut the material you`re working with.

4 The Orbit Sander
This tool is the game changer by woodworking. You will not pass a project without using it and your hands will be so thankful for you. This tool is going to spare so much time and muscle work.

5 Wood Router
Routers are mainly used for hollowing out inside areas (non-edges) on wood. You can clamp a piece of wood down onto any table or surface and run the router along the sides of that wood to create the edges that you want. Well, you are going to need a steady hand for that, but don`t worry, you will get used to it.