My story

When I was a little girl then my grandfather had a workshop at his garage. He made me everything I wanted to have - a doll house, little furniture, toys. You name it, I had it. But one day I remember him taking his hand quickly from the saw, putting it above his head and saying some very ugly words.

I immediately understood what had happened to him. This is why I always knew - woodworking is very dangerous.

Then later, being a single mother, I was struggling with having things done at home. I had always so much to do and it was a real blessing when somebody lent me her husband to have some "male work" done. I felt myself helpless and dependent on others. And still it didn`t occur to me, that I could, at least try, to learn some woodworking skills myself. Because, you know, woodworking is very dangerous.

When I started dating a carpenter I thought my struggles have come to an end. True, he helped me a lot by all those "male jobs". He even made me some furniture. I thought I never have to worry about home improvement again.

Little. Did. I. Know.

Don`t get me wrong. We are still together and very much in love, and he is still a carpenter. But he is not always excited about all my woodworking ideas - he has his own projects to do. So he kindly suggested me to get over of my childhood trauma about my injured granny and start bonding with drill, miter saw and other amazing tools.

That`s when I discovered that machinery has developed a lot since the days of my grandfather. Saws have all those fancy security locks, so I couldn`t cut off my fingers, even if I tried.

I started to wonder, why I used to believe that woodworking is for men only. Men are also doing house works, they know how to handle a washing machine and how to turn on the vacuum cleaner. So why do I expect my boyfriend to do all the jobs that enquirer a drill? This is just not fair.

This is why I decided to start making things happen.